Medically Fragile Dog Remains Missing After Walk on Venice Boardwalk

(Editor’s note: Circling the News was contacted by the Westside Current and asked to alert readers. It was believed that the dog was seen in Pacific Palisades.)

Mandy Clough’s life has been nothing but heartache since last Thursday. Her dog, Baxter’ Baxy’, went missing while walking on the Venice Boardwalk with a friend. Baxy’s leash got tangled up, so the friend tried to adjust it. That’s when Baxy took off.

“This has been the hardest thing that I have ever gone through,” said Clough. “I can’t eat or sleep–I think of how scared he is and how much he needs me.”

The walk started near Paloma, but Clough said Baxy took off near Brooks and Speedway. “Someone saw him [Baxy] cross-Pacific Avenue, and another sighting was on Rose Avenue–he was headed back to the beach. ”

Clough’s biggest worry is that she’s not from Venice and that Baxy doesn’t know where to go. “I’m fearful he doesn’t know the territory.”

Baxy has been injured in the past and is medically fragile, another concern of Cloughs.

Clough rented a room on the bottom floor of the apartment building her friend was living in so Baxy could get a possible scent of her. “I’m camped out all day. I feel so guilty. If he shows up, I need to be here for him.”

Clough has also made posters and distributed them around the area. She emphasized that Baxy should not be chased. “If he’s sighted, please call.” Clough said; the more sighting, the more likely they will be able to come up with a plan to help bring Baxy home.

“I just want him to be safe and come back.”

Clough highlights the outreach she has already received has been heartwarming. “The people who have reached out and are lending a hand are amazing.”

Baxter is an 11 lbs. Yorkie/Maltese mix and is very timid. If you spot Baxter, call 424-259-2836.

(Update: This story has a happy ending. Baxter’s disappearance was also posted on Nextdoor and people in the Palisades went on the lookout for the little canine.

He was spotted in the area of Marquez and Sunset this afternoon. The owner was called, and she went to the yard and “heard him whimpering.” She was able to safely get him out and bring him home.

The little dog was described as filthy, hungry and thirsty and no one is quite sure how he traveled the seven miles from the Venice Boardwalk to the Palisades.

One Venice resident quipped, “Amazing that he ran from Venice to the Palisades – although I don’t blame him!”)

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