Lower Matinee Prices at Bay Theater

The Bay Theater is located next to Hank’s restaurant in Caruso’s Palisades Village.

Ticket Discounts offered at Bay Theater

Seniors and children can now purchase discounted tickets at the Bay Theater by Cinepolis, according to the Palisades Village website. (palisadesvillageca.com/offers/ticket-discounts-bay-theatre-cinepolis)

From January 22 through May 31, seniors (60+) and children (12 and under) can go to any movie before 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday for $15. A full food and bar service will be available.

A reader wrote Circling the News, “Dropping the prices from $23 to $15 still doesn’t come close to the weekday, $6 senior price at the Laemmle on 2nd Street in Santa Monica and other Laemmle theaters for movies that start before 6 p.m.

“Plus, the Laemmle offers a Senior Concessions Combo of $5 for a small popcorn with fountain drink. I don’t need or want any fancier food while I am trying to pay attention to what’s on the movie screen,” the reader wrote. (Visit: Laemmle.com/discounts/4).

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5 Responses to Lower Matinee Prices at Bay Theater

  1. Cinépolis price is better than the AMC Dine In matinees at $17.99 for seniors.


    Am I reading this right?The $15 discount price(if that’s what you call it) only goes to March 31st……REALLY! They can’t keep it on permanently like the other theater houses….I guess whoever owns the Cinepolis chain can’t let go of the money in their little grubby pockets, to do a service for the seniors in the community. By the way who OWNS the chain??? I will never set foot in the Bay theater, thank you…the Santa Monica theaters are just fine……I don’t need to prove to people I got the bucks, and who wants to smell food while watching a movie(I like the smell of popcorn), not to mention the clattering of champagne glasses, and the undercurrent of chattering to pay your bill, and those little lamp lights……GOD!!!

  3. Rosalie says:

    Rosanne: The article above says the $15 weekday matinee price for kids and seniors will be in effect through Friday, MAY 31 — not March 31. By the end of May many kids are out of school and the summer blockbusters start coming to theaters.

  4. It’s a bone they are throwing to quell the over 600 negative votes on a recent Next Door poll that indicated that well over 75% are not going to the theater because of pricing. Also, just until March 31st, how obvious is this pat on the head to complaining seniors?Kids are in school during the hours they are offering this, so no benefit there. Also there are seniors that would attend a movie with someone who may not yet be 60. So, discount adults as well then. It won’t work. It’s still going to come off as fake pandering to the community who is vocally opposing the theater. It’s typical of all of the PV, bait and switch. It will take time before they learn that their bones add insult to injury with this whole joke of a mall.

  5. Phyllis Trager (formrly Phyllis Douglas) says:

    Holding my sides laughing-$15 down from $27! wow. Wised up hmmm? Well so did I. Bought a new DVD player and will watch movies for FREE from the library in the comfort of home! With a snack or not. No chewing, crunching and clinking next to me unless it’s a grandchild!! Senior is just another word for smart.

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