Look for New Business at 810 Temescal

This mini-store space at 810 Temescal Canyon Road has been vacant for years.

Will Mini-Nursery Finally Open This Week?

Since early 2014, motorists on Temescal Canyon Road have noticed a lone mailbox across from the Palisades High swimming pool. One Palisadian even dubbed the 810 Temescal address “the Claude Raines invisible house” (the actor played “The Invisible Man” in the 1933 movie).

Then, a workman explained to this Circling the News editor that the small triangular area was going to become a high-end nursery and predicted it would open by September 2014.

More than four years later, on November 9, CTN once again spoke to workers on the site, who said the nursery will open this coming week and that it’s owned by the same people who have the Acme5 nursery at 3280 Lincoln in Santa Monica.

The workers said there would be potted plants, including succulents, and some yard furniture and other yard ornaments for sale at the tiny location.

According to YELP reviews for Acme5 on Lincoln, “This place is rad,” Ethan S. wrote. “Nice hang out spot, cool collection of plants, pots (big & small) (weird or normal). The people that work here know their stuff, will help you with any of your planting needs or just shoot the breeze with you.”

Another reviewer, Stacy B., wrote: “My favorite plant/ outdoor/succulent shop [is] a block from Whole Foods.”

Gavin S. said, “Unique items, helpful and knowledgeable staff and sweet vibes. Those were the first 3 things I noticed on my visit to Acme5 today. A serious mom-and-pop style business that has seamlessly integrated into the neighborhood just recently but feels like it’s a mainstay.”

Workers said that a nursery, located on Temescal Canyon Road across from the Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center at Palisades High School, will open this week.


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