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In response to one person’s disgust about the newsracks, which are broken, graffitied and eyesores, one reader wrote: “Section 42.00 (f) of the LA Municipal Code covers everything about newsracks” click here.

The reader said that anyone that has a newsrack was supposed to get a permit from the City.

“If they ever did get a permit, it is unlikely that the permits were renewed, and the fees paid,” the reader said. “When I was on either the Design Review Board or the Palisades Pride board, I did a survey of the commercial district between Monument and Via and La Cruz to Monument. At the time, we had more than 60 newsracks, all unpermitted and unattended.”

The reader said that with help from CD11 some of the most egregious were removed. The reader said, “if a citizen could target fewer than six of the worst that might be enough to mount a campaign of some sort.”



Opinions continue to flurry around whether the bike lanes in Temescal Canyon Road were painted correctly. One side of the road, which has lines  It wapainted to warn bikers that a parked car might open a door, appears to be correct. The other side of the road looks like someone made a mistake.

A reader wrote: “Perhaps this resident (who questioned the marking) is unaware that people opening their parked car doors often knock down a biker. Temescal has done it right.”

Readers all agree that’s what the markings are for—but on one side of the road they appear to be painted on the wrong side.


A reader wrote regarding the Chabad parking a trailer on Swarthmore next to a parking meter. “It seems unfair of CD 11 to ignore the Chabad parking violations, the vehicle registration violations, the loss of parking revenue and the loss of a needed parking space in our shopping district.

“If the rest of us parked our advertisements in parking spaces, we would be ticketed and towed. Why is Chabad given a pass?”

(Editor’s note: CD11 never approved the Chabad parking its trailer by a meter. The Chabad was asked to remove it on Friday. Representatives were told the rabbi was out of town, and that it would be removed Monday. It was not, and was still illegally parked on Swarthmore on Tuesday.)



This pole is located at Via de la Paz and De Pauw Street.

One reader asked, “Is it my imagination that the City is permitting Verizon to throw up 5G towers wherever it likes? One of the towers is about to go up at the bottom of Casa Gateway and will be the dominate feature of the property. It will sit on a narrow utility easement on Sunset—you know the Hollywood Scenic Highway. The SRF Lake Shrine, the site of millions of pilgrimages in its 90 years is right across the street.

“Someone showed me a picture of a tower that went up overnight at Via and DePauw. Is that or any neighborhood that you know resisting or protesting or taking legal action?”

(Editor’s note: Several people brought up tower concerns at the Pacific Palisades Community Council Meeting on June 22. They were told that Area at Large Representative Chris Spitz was a local expert on cell towers and that she could share her information with them.)  


Resident Diane Wolfberg writes: When George Wolfberg worked on a new City Charter around 1999, from which Neighborhood Councils were created, he firmly supported the Pacific Palisades Community Council not change its status.  He explained that PPCC had an excellent, long ‘track record’ and could work more independently and successfully without being encumbered by Neighborhood Council obligations and limitations. The Councils gave many other Los Angeles neighborhoods a voice they had previously lacked in city government.

(Editor’s note George Wolfberg served four terms as President of the Community Council. The park at Potrero is named after him. In 2011, he was named Citizen of the Year and former Palisadian-Post editor Bill Bruns wrote in his obit “George Sander Wolfberg was the most important and wide-ranging leader in the Pacific Palisades the past 25 years.”)


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  1. Sylvia Boyd says:

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for the most flattering piece ever written about me. I guess when you become my age (90 in Nov) you’ve been given a lot of time to accomplish things. Not everyone is that lucky.
    With appreciation, Sylvia Arslan Boyd

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