Local Groups Work Concessions at Genesis to Raise Money

Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club crew working concessions at Hole 6.

It was another beautiful day at the Riviera Golf Club and Circling the News checked in with two groups who are working in concession stands at the Genesis Invitational Tournament.

Members of the Woman’s Club are in a booth by Hole 6 and members of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness are on the 18th. Residents are urged to stop by, purchase some food and TIP!

Woman’s Club President Kathy Dunbar Later wrote Circling the News in early February that the club would be running the concession at the Genesis Open.

“This is our biggest fund-raiser since our Fashion Show in February 2020!” Later said. “We will receive a PERCENTAGE of the SALES proceeds and KEEP ALL TIPS.”

Many nonprofits are the beneficiary of the Woman’s Club, who annually gives grants to those who apply and qualify.

CTN was told that the biggest seller was hot dogs and a mango spritzer that contained alcohol. “It’s going well, we’re getting tips,” the volunteers said.

On the Hole 18 fairway, at the Vista Grill, PPTFH volunteers were serving food to earn money to help fund a clinical case manager.

“We’re pulling all the stops to get the money to fund the position,” said volunteer Carol Sanborn, pointing out that the location they were working was beautiful, “There’s an ocean view from the snack stand.”

The PPTFH was founded in 2016 with private donations. Two social workers were hired to work with the homeless, but more recently, the group felt that someone should be hired who could specifically deal with those who are suffering mental illness.

According to the web site “The Team members do not have the time and are not trained to provide on-street clinical services to the increased numbers of homeless people in the Palisades suffering from mental illness and addiction. A clinical case manager would be equipped to provide the intense, specialized services required.”

The PPTFH needs to raise $90,000 per year, with a three-year commitment. The group still has to raise about $49,000 and hope that even if they make $5,000 from serving at the Genesis, they’ll chip away at the cost. (Visit: pptfh.org).

The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness crew is working concessions at the Genesis Invitational Golf Tournament.

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