LETTER–Money Needs to Be Used

Sidewalk Is Not Handicapped Accessible

(Editor’s note: After the story “BID Questioned about Parking Meter Funds: Is the Group Going to Reject a $50,000 Grant?” Long-time resident Dick Littlestone, who singlehandedly took on the VA to expand burials by building a Columbarium in West L.A.—and won–sent a letter to Circling the News and other officials about a possible place to spend parking meter revenue money.)

The Antioch Street east side sidewalk is impassable to disabled persons by
wheelchair, and very difficult with walker–at a curb by the Medical
Building of the alley between Cafe Vida and the Medical Bldg. See attached

Using a small portion of the proposed $50,000 LA City Parking Meter
Funding to Pacific Palisades, a relatively inexpensive riser could be
installed similar to the existing sidewalk riser next to Cafe Vida.

There certainly would be other worthwhile community projects for which
those funds can be used. It seems unconscionable for the Chamber not to
welcome this rare offer by our Councilman to the Palisades.

Dick Littlestone

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3 Responses to LETTER–Money Needs to Be Used

  1. Bill Bruns says:

    I’m pleased that Col. Littlestone responded to Sue Pascoe’s article with a specific suggestion for how the parking-meter funds could be used in the business district (within the BID boundaries). Hopefully other residents will offer suggestions. One correction to what Dick wrote: the Chamber is not involved in this issue…they simply provide the meeting space for the monthly BID meetings.

  2. Gayle says:

    I find it inconceivable that BID would be so insensitive to the interests of the community as not to put the issue before the community. The alleys need to be repaved, especially west of Via; Via itself between De Pauw and Antioch is a series of bumps along the east side parking area; trees need to be trimmed on the parking. Most especially, why can’t the funds be used for Chrysalis to be paid to clean up the areas they traditionally have beautified? It is a way to contribute to their well-being as well as to the communities. I’m sure that there are many other ideas. If Bonin bothered to give the Palisades a pilot program, why is BID opposed to submitting? Can’t imagine that it would take took much time. Palisadians have always stepped up. I get the feeling that the new BID would prefer to keep the community members out of the way.

  3. Arlene Weber says:

    I agree with Colonel Littlestone and Bill Bruns because this is a very busy crossing at Antioch and Via de la Paz, at least some of the money could be used for wheel chair and all those who are a bit handicapped.

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