LETTER: Friends of the Library and the Community Read ‘Shelter Us’

Thanks for mentioning the Palisades Reads in your newsletter, and the recognition that Marie Steckmest organized a “Palisades Reads” event for “The Soloist.” I’m so happy that Marie’s Palisades Cares was one of the featured non-profits in the program from the “Save One Life, Save the World” panel. She’s a community treasure.

The PPLA (Friends of the Library) intends to continue Palisades Reads as an annual tradition. Following the November 13 Community Book Club Night (6:30-8 p.m.) in the Library Community Room, where we will discuss “Shelter Us,” we will begin setting the stage for next year’s Palisades Reads.

We will need volunteers to help select the next book, which will involve nominating books, reading the nominees, getting together to discuss pros and cons of each book, then making the selection by consensus or vote if need be. We hope this book selection process will further the mission of Palisades Reads, to create and deepen our community bonds.

Laura Diamond

Hope to have a great turnout for our Community Book Club on November 13, 2019, 6:30 – 8pm at the Library!

And here is the link to my blog about the “Save One Life, Save the World” panel that kicked off this year’s Palisades Reads.

How to Save the World, One Life at a Time

Laura Diamond

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