Lab Mix Delivers Six Puppies: Homes Needed

Puppies playing with mom.


Former Palisades resident Lorna Boyd rescued a female dog, a Labrador mix which she absolutely adores.

Small problem, the rescue group didn’t realize the dog was pregnant. It was later found out another male dog had not been spayed either.

Much to Boyd’s delight and distress, the mother dog delivered six pups. The rescue group has no room to take in the pups and Boyd is looking for homes for these sweeties.

They are black lab/pit mixed. There are three black pups, one girl and two boys. There is a grey boy with blue eyes, a brown/black girl and a sable (grey-brown mix) boy, with green eyes.

Boyd wrote, “They are very affectionate and rambunctious at eight weeks old, weaned, getting their first shots this week, so they will be available after that.

You can contact Boyd at or (818) 481-3700.

These eight-week old puppies are available for adoption.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you share the name of the rescue group involved? How can a rescue be placing dogs who are not spayed/neutered? Does this group have the dogs they are placing checked by a vet?

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