L.A. Department of Sanitation Explains how to Recycle Christmas Trees

Photo: L.A. City Department of Sanitation

The L.A. Department of Sanitation (LASAN) will accept recycled Christmas trees and for safety reasons, urge you remove the tree from your home after Christmas or once it becomes dry.

To recycle remove all the decorations, the tinsel and the stand from the tree; 2) cut the tree into pieces and place in the green bin. If the tree is too large to cut and put in the bin, place it next to the green waste bin on collection day.

Residents of multifamily units buildings can also place their trees curbside on collection day.

Flocked trees and artificial trees cannot be recycled. They need to be place in a black bin and will go into landfill.

LASAN recycles Christmas tree to produce compost and mulch, which is free to residents, visit: lacitysan.org for locations and times.

The department urges residents to recycle holiday wrapping paper, cartons, cardboard, Styrofoam® and other expanded polystyrene products, plastics and gift boxes are also recyclable and should be placed in the blue bin.

It is illegal to place electronics, such as televisions, computers and batteries in collection bins. Those items must be taken to S.A.F.E. Centers for safe disposal and recycling.

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