Kids Out of Control on Palisades Streets


Circling the News has received photos and videos of high school students fighting. The photo above is  of three girls fighting in front of Gelson’s on Via de la Paz on Wednesday. A security officer broker it up.

The boys fighting are on Temescal Canyon Road, also Wednesday afternoon after school.

There is video is of students threatening residents in the City/Private parking area off Sunset Boulevard. A police response and a helicopter were on called.

Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin wrote in his Thursday, June 6 Crime update that: “with the end of the school year upon us. I am hoping some of the juvenile activity that has been occurring after school will fade away. That doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear but at least calm down quite a bit.

“Yesterday (Wednesday 6-5) We were dealing with a large group of kids gathering and causing a disturbance on the last day of school. A small fight with kids did break out but they ran away when we approached. The group was finally able to disperse after an hour and half passed after school. I believe since it was the last day of school a larger number than usual had converged in the neighborhood. “

Palisades High School Adam Jesus Licea, assistant principal and director of discipline, activities, athletics and security, posted the following note to parents on June 5:

Important: After school disruptions

Dear Parents,

We hope this message finds you well.

We would like to remind you of the importance of being aware of your child’s whereabouts after school, particularly on early dismissal days. Recently, there have been disruptions occurring in the village, which are totally unacceptable.

We kindly ask that you check in with your children and ensure they are engaging in productive activities if they are in the village. Otherwise, they should be heading straight home.



Also, yesterday, a fight started in the Big Blue Bus, the driver watched as a girl was dragged off the bus and pummeled on the sidewalk. She held her head to try and stave off the punches.


(Editor’s note: Anyone who has raised children knows there must be consequences for behavior or it continues to get worse, and spirals out of control. Those students who are fighting need to have consequences, whether it is community service, such as helping the homeless or picking up trash along the roadways.)

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6 Responses to Kids Out of Control on Palisades Streets

  1. Margot A Metzner says:

    Extremely disturbing behavior that goes well beyond “kids will be kids.” Fighting is totally unacceptable, and someone is going to get seriously hurt. The letter from Pali High is so wimpy as to be useless. No wonder this situation of kids running wild has spun out of control.

  2. Bruce Schwartz says:

    There are no consequences for bad behavior due to DA George Gascon and the social media sickness that has affected society.

  3. Palisades Resident says:

    We warned of this increasingly violent activity that was happening primarily in the park well over a year ago. It was spring 2023 when a youth was severely burned and left by his “friends” after four hours of fireworks, drag racing and outrageous behavior in the park (we called and emailed the police 5-6 times as the night unfolded). The violence has only escalated and now predictably spread throughout town. Despite providing countless videos documenting the utter lawlessness, the city continues to wring its hands and let things escalate. It seems it will only continue until the people of this town say enough is enough and demand enforcement of our laws. These kids must be arrested and face consequences.

  4. Dana Dalton says:

    The “kids” seem more afraid of Caruso then LAPD.
    This never happens at the mall.
    Nice language at the end of the video too.

  5. Marge says:

    What is it going to take to put an end to this behavior? Will an adult community member have to get injured? It makes me rather uncomfortable being on our town’s streets when these kids are around.

  6. Pali Resident says:

    Pali High needs to expel these kids immediately.

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