Keeping the Town Clean with Help from Troop 223

Jared Morgan (center) is surrounded by members of Troop 223, who cleaned the Post Office parking lot.

Highlighting the acts of some dedicated youths often goes unnoticed, which is why the almost three hours of cleaning that some Scouts from Troop 223 did on October 14, should be recognized.

Patrol leader Jack Itaya led a group of five scouts, ages 11 to 13, cleaning up an area that people rarely see – the parking lot behind the Post Office.

Jared Morgan, who works at the Ronald Reagan American Legion Post 283, was approached by Itaya who told him “We wanted to help out the veterans and support them with a project.”

Scouts must do a Good Turn project each term, which helps them work towards their Eagle Scout Award. A Good Turn is defined as a volunteered kind act of good deed. Boys must be encouraged to watch for things that need to be done, and then do them without being asked.

Morgan said he had heard that the Post Office janitor was laid off in recent years, so the need for a cleanup behind the American Legion Hall and Post Office was great.

Itaya was put in touch with Chrysalis, a nonprofit, who reconnects individuals with the workforce. Chrysalis cleans the streets of Pacific Palisades and is paid for by the Business Improvement District (BID).

“Chrysalis lent us the brooms for the clean-up,” Itaya said and added that a postal worker came out and “was amazed. She was also very grateful for our help and offered us drinks.”

Itaya added, “We are Troop 223, and we are happy to help.”

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