Interesting Details about the Radcliffe Celebrity Shuffle

Jennifer Garner and her first husband Scott Foley lived on Radcliffe.


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(Editor’s note: After Circling the News noted that Keri Russell, Jennifer Garner, Tom Brady’s son and Helen Gurley Brown had lived on Radcliffe Street, we received the following update.)

You may need a flow chart for this, to which I’m adding other non-Radcliffe details.

There’s a direct connection between Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner. And one may have told the other about Radcliffe.

Keri Russell had the starring role in the TV series, “Felicity,” which aired on the WB network. (The WB has morphed into today’s CW network). Scott Foley was one of the other main characters.

“Felicity” ran from September 1998 through May 2002. The drama, which was co-created by Palisadian J.J. Abrams, takes us through Felicity’s four years of college in NYC.

Jennifer Garner had a three-episode guest role on “Felicity” as the girlfriend of Scott Foley’s character. That’s how the real-life couple of Garner and Foley met and eventually married — and eventually divorced.

“Felicity” was produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, through their company, Imagine Entertainment.

After his divorce, Grazer sold his home on three acres in the Upper Riviera to Garner and Ben Affleck. After Garner and Affleck got divorced (or at least, were separated) they sold the house to Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo.
After J.J. Abrams co-created “Felicity,” he then created the ABC action spy series, “Alias,” starring Garner. This is the show that made her a star.

By the way, according to his interview in Playboy, which is quoted in the Hollywood Reporter and in Cosmopolitan, Affleck says he and Garner met on the set of “Pearl Harbor” and later fell in love as costars while filming “Daredevil (2003).”

Garner divorced Foley and Affleck ended his engagement to Jennifer Lopez.


Resident Betty Meadows reminded Circling the News that “Hilary Swank used to live at 641 Swarthmore.

“When she won her Oscar for ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ she brought it the next morning to Mort’s.” (Mort’s was the beloved deli/family restaurant on Swarthmore, where Hanks is now located. At about that same time, Anthony Hopkins enjoyed sitting at a table outside and reading a book. He lived in town, on upper Monument.)

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