Illegal Fireworks Set off on Radcliffe Avenue

This box of explosives were set off at the corner of Radcliffe and Bowdoin Streets next to a home.

Illegal fireworks were set off on a sidewalk next to a residence on Radcliffe Avenue on Friday night during the Palisades Charter High School homecoming football game.

This editor was on the football field, standing next to school officials, who said it was not a school-sponsored firework display.

People wrote on Nextdoor, “it sounded like a bomb was detonated in our basement. We’ve lived in this house for 50 years and have never heard fireworks like those. Not okay.”

A second resident wrote, “Pali high should send out a warning. My dog was terrified too. I wish I could have been prepared. Is this something they need a permit for?”

A third person said, “I was jolted when I heard the fireworks go off just before 9 p.m. I work at the school, and there was no mention of fireworks for Friday night.” The person pointed out that when fireworks are shot off for the Fourth of July at the school, windows are boarded up and a fire marshal is on site.

Another resident, who lives in that area told CTN that “when I saw them go off, I knew they were being shot off on Radcliffe. I got my car a few minutes later and saw a group of about five teens standing in front of what looked like the remnants of a box of fireworks in the middle of the Radcliffe/Bowdoin intersection,” he said. “There was an adult male there too, but I was unclear if he was WITH the kids or was talking to them about what just happened.”

After the game, this editor found the box of spent fireworks in front of a home on Radcliffe and contacted Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin, Captain Richard Gabaldon, and Fire Station 69 with the information and photos.

In addition to being illegal to set off fireworks, the damage caused could be serious by setting homes on fire (especially during a Santa Ana), or if the explosives backfire and kill a kid.

There is an adult in the community that knows who is setting off the fireworks. There are adults who must be aware of fireworks being shipped to someone’s homes. It is time to step up and stop this before a fire goes out of control or a kid loses his life.

Espin responded, “Thank you for the info. That is a big one.”

This was the box of fireworks set off advertised with “54 shots.”




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  1. Tracy Mestres says:

    The fireworks went of in front of my house and I immediately went outside. There was not a soul in sight. Adults and kids began coming out of their homes as the fireworks subsided. The only adults and teens around were concerned citizens, who poured water on the box and moved it to the side of the road to retrieve in the morning. Thanks for picking it up!

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