Holiday Pet Photo Contest Continues on Nextdoor!


The Holiday Pet Photo Contest is continuing on Nextdoor. So take a quick, fun break from whatever you’re doing and click here.

Enjoy the pet photos and vote for your favorites by Liking them.

And if you have a pet, submit a photo of your dog, cat, bird, etc. in a holiday setting or in holiday attire — simple or elaborate.

Deadline to submit a pet photo is midnight on Christmas night, Sunday, Dec. 25. Liking/Voting for favorites will continue into the New Year. Anyone can vote. So vote early and often!

“We’ve been good pooches. . .now give us that treat!”

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2 Responses to Holiday Pet Photo Contest Continues on Nextdoor!

  1. Dana Dalton says:

    Tough to enter the contest when Lisa G (who is running it) keeps getting you kicked off Nextdoor for just having a difference in opinion. Freedom of speech is GONE in the Palisades. The woman tyrants of Nextdoor just report you if you question their stupidity
    The current question that got me removed regarded Title 42 and how it will affect the homeless situation in Los Angeles. BTW – the 1.7 trillion, Biden passed, government have to PRINT this money……it’s back by nothing. In the end, it’s just empty paper when it’s not backed by anything but debt. Hopefully this paragraph does not get me kicked off of curvlibg the news. Happy holidays

  2. ali says:

    Love this joyful pet contest. Great work from Lisa and the community!

    Sue, Have you considered getting a 2 cents page?

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