Highly Entertaining and a Thoroughly Enjoyable: “The Andrew Brothers”

The cast of The Andrew Brothers, which opened on Friday at the Pierson Playhouse, includes (left to right) Destin Bass, K.B. Dulude, Tasha Taylor and Jeff DeWitt.
Photo: Rich Schmitt/CTN

When the New York Times wrote August 8, (“What Is IJBOL?” A Korean word? A new boy band?”) and explained “eejbowl,” was short for “I Just Burst Out Laughing,” the editor couldn’t figure out when she would ever use that expression.

IJBOL during a performance of The Andrew Brothers at Pierson Playhouse on Saturday. This reviewer found herself bursting out in laughter at the silliness and the absolutely frenetic activity of the cast as they put on a show for the troops.

Not only did IJBOL, once, but during the second act, I laughed, laughed and laughed again. This was an evening of fun, pure enjoyment and absolute entertainment.

Stranded in the South Pacific, the Andrew brothers are working backstage on a USO show. The audience learns they had tried to enlist but were 4F – unfit for military service. The boys’ back-up plan to help the war effort is to perform in a USO Show.

Peggy Jones (Tasha Taylor), who is supposed to open for the Andrew Sisters, arrives and the three brothers hope she won’t realize they are only stagehands and not performers.

It doesn’t take long for her to figure out exactly what is going on . . .but then a telegram arrives that The Andrew Sisters have come down with chicken pox and the show needs to be cancelled.

It looks dismal for everyone because, this was supposed to be Peggy’s big break, too. As she schemes, abetted by the brothers, the rallying cry becomes the performers can’t disappoint the men of the Navy, who are shipping out tomorrow.

There aren’t enough positive things to say about “Peggy” Tasha Taylor. She can sing, act, dance and twirl the baton. Actually, she twirls three batons while singing and moving . . .

According to her bio, Taylor is a schoolteacher, but her talents are sadly wasted in a school room. The stage is her milieu. She has a sparkle and charisma – she is the glue that holds this madcap musical together.

Taylor only started acting last year and is truly an undiscovered and exciting musical talent. Come see her before she moves to larger stages.

The brothers, Max (K.B. Dulude), Lawrence (Jeff DeWitt) and Patrick (Destin Bass), are the perfect foils for Peggy. Their earnestness to please her, their energy in trying to pull off this “show” are delightful.

This is a well-cast production, and it works so well because of the chemistry of the performers.

Director Jennifer Novak Chun wrote “The world turns upside down for one evening as this motely band presents a show dedicated whole-heartedly to entertain the brave men of the Navy. Peggy falls in love with the least likely person, men become women, and women become men.”

An excellent job on Chun’s part of keeping the pacing exactly where it needs to be for a comedy.

I’m still laughing as I think back to seeing “The Andrew Sisters” appear on stage – beautifully clad. Credit to Martha Hunter, Hannah Jackson and Maria O’Connor for absolutely “spot-on” costuming for the show.

IJBOL during the song Six Jerks in a Jeep, but you’ll have to go to the show to figure out why.

There are 30 songs in the show that were made famous by the Andrews Sisters, and other top artists of the era, and include Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Three Little Sisters, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive, Mairzy Doats and Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.

The musical, presented by Theatre Palisades, is at the Pierson Playhouse on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. through October 8. Call (310) 454-1970 or visit theatrepalisades.org.

The four-member cast sing and dance their way through 30 songs, (left to right K.B. Dulude, Destin Bass, Tasha Taylor and Jeff De Witt.
Photo: Rich Schmitt/CTN

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3 Responses to Highly Entertaining and a Thoroughly Enjoyable: “The Andrew Brothers”

  1. Jon & Loni says:

    We second your review! We were part of the packed house Saturday night and laughed and tapped our feet throughout the evening. We hope Palisadians turn out in droves for this gem!

  2. Nona Hale says:

    IJBOL too! So silly — and so much fun!

  3. Jimmy Dunne says:

    What a great review! So fun.

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