High School Cross Country/Track Runners Invited

Jake Ratkovich won the 5K and set a new record for this course. He helped Loyola win the Lemen trophy in 2022.

High school cross country and track runners are invited to participate in the Dick Lemen Run, which coincides with the 5K Will Rogers Run on the 4th of July.

Student runners from local high schools run under their school’s name and compete for the team trophy. The fastest three individual times are added to determine the winner. Even though the race is on July 4, students must be registered prior to July 2 with their high school to have the times count.

The first year of the competition Palisades High edged out Loyola by just 53 total seconds. Last year Loyola claimed the trophy. Who will take the trophy this year? Pali, Loyola, or a new school.

To register, go to Palisades4th.com and click on race.

For the Dick Lemen Runner Competition, high school registrants must register as follows:


  • Fill out the information for the participant (high school student between the ages of 14-18)
  • Chose the Event “Dick Lemen Run – High School Competition 5K”
  • ONLY IF registering more than one person, click “Add Registrant” (before clicking “Continue”) and repeat the above steps (if a parent or participant in a different event, they must choose the correct event they wish to participate in).
  • Click “Continue”


Read & Sign the waiver and click “Continue”


  • Choose to either “Join” or “Create” a team
  • Click “Continue”
  • IF Creating a new team – the team name must be the HIGH SCHOOL they are running for.  Other team names will not be recognized as part of the competition representing their school or eligible to win the Lemen Runner Award.  Then click “Continue”.
  • IF Joining an existing team – they can choose from the drop down and then click “Continue.”  If their team does not yet exist, it will not be available in the drop down and they will CREATE the team instead.


  • Select Shirt Size and click “Continue”


  • Optional Donation Page and click “Continue”


  • Complete Payment information and “Confirm Payment” to complete the registration.

A 15% discount for the HS Competition is reflected in the registration price and has a deadline of July 1, at 11:59 pm, to register for the Lemen Competition.  Once the deadline expires, they will have to talk directly with registration staff onsite July 2 to 4 in order to be added to the HS competition and no discount will be offered.

The Lemen Run was initiated in 2019 and named after the late Lemen, who was a longtime Palisadian and a track coach at Palisades High for many years. He was also a member of the Ridge Runners, the band of about 20 local runners who originated the Will Rogers Run in 1978.

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