Ham Radio Class Offered for All Residents

A young woman operates a ham radio.
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Worried about an electrical outage and the lack of communication with the outside world? Or just want to try something different while being locked down?

A Ham Radio class is being offered through American Legion Post 283. You do not have to be a member to take the one-day online class and exam on February 7.

Optimist Club and Sons of the American Legion member Rich Wilken sent out the following information.

“Hello to all who are interested in getting a ham radio license. The information below is from seasoned instructors that have been conducting these classes for many years. They now have an online program now due to the virus situation. They have an amazing pass rate which speaks to the quality of their classes.”

Optimist member Dr. Ben LaBrot (founder of Floating Doctors and a professor at the Keck School of Medicine Department of Global Medicine) wrote: “I have my FCC radio license already. Once you have it, you keep it for life, just renewing every five years or so. I would certainly advise anyone to take advantage of this high-pass training opportunity, as it’s a fun license to have.”

To sign up friends and family, go to: www.qualitymatrix.com/hamclass/class-sign-up-page/

Read more about online exams on the GLAARG VEC’s website: https://glaarg.org/remote-sessions-faqs/

There have been 10,000 exams held using the Exam Tools software, and most have been online since April.

GLAARG VEC added 500 volunteer examiners who wanted to find a way to participate in these exams. And the VEs are all over the US, and even the world! GLAARG now has VEs in almost all States, plus Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India and even Guam.

Register for a GLAARG VEC exam here:


Make sure you will pass using this method to study:


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