Groza Care Foundation to Help Ukrainian Children

Tatyana Yukhtman, who grew up in Ukraine, has started a nonprofit, Groza Care Foundation, to aid children impacted by war.

Groza Learning Center, located at 881 Alma Real, has offered tutoring, test prep, private schooling, assessments and summer programs for students in kindergarten through college, since 2002.

Groza Learning Center Director Tatyana Yukhtman was born and raised in the Ukraine.
Yukhtman has now started the Groza Care Foundation, the nonprofit branch of Groza, which will aid Ukrainian children displaced by war.

This undertaking will fill a void in much-needed humanitarian services for refugees through the “The Ukrainian Rainbow” project.

The plan is to try to cushion the impact of the war on children, by setting up learning and emotional support hubs in Poland. These hubs will allow children to continue their education and receive counseling free of cost.

The first hub, in Wroclaw, Poland, will open for 55 children this month. The goal is to offer assistance to more than 200 children at this location. There is a plan to open additional hubs in Poland and other countries that harbor large populations of Ukranian refugees.
Groza Care has also partnered with a local organization Notice Me, which cares for the physical and health needs of the displaced children. The nonprofit has received tremendous support from international organizations such as the Poland Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Thanks to partnerships, the Poland location will also provide housing, language education, and job training for Ukrainian refugees.

The Groza program will support displaced Ukrainian educators by employing them so that they can receive a reliable income and benefit from returning to a normal routine. They will serve as the school’s director and teachers. These adults are in a unique position to help youngsters continue their education while coping with the horrors of war.

Groza Care is asking for Palisades residents to spread the word about the nonprofit and the Ukrainian Rainbow Project (#UkrainianRainbow), to attract new donors and talents.
A tax-deductible donation will go towards teacher and support staff salaries, classrooms, supplies and equipment. Visit:

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