Great Library Programs Offered for Teens: Check out February 18



A special program for teens, “Office of Collecting and Design,” will be held from 2 to 4 p.m., on  Saturday, February 18, at the Palisades Library Community Room, 861, Alma Real Drive.

The Office of Collecting and Design is a museum of lost and forgotten objects, which is located in the heart of Las Vegas at 900 Karen Avenue. It is part exhibition, part archive and part studio space for the artist and filmmaker Jessica Oreck.

It has been described as a collection of collections, and is devoted to the diminutive, the discarded, the misplaced, the broken and the obsolete.

The museum is known for its photographs, which are a type of image called a flat lay. A careful arrangement of objects is a placed on a surface and then photographed directly from above.

During the Palisades workshop, Oreck, the museum’s curator, will bring a giant box of treasure/trash for visitors to sort through. Teens will be coached through the arrangement of a flat lay.

The flat lays will be photographed by Oreck, and each creator will walk away with a tiny, instant film print.

This workshop is meant to help foster an appreciation for the many overlooked details of one’s day-to-day existence.

Participants often express that they are suddenly seeing the world with fresh eyes—objects they might have thrown away or ignored in the past are given new purpose and life, illuminating the nature of “value” and encouraging new forms of re-use.

No reservation is required; the program is first come, first served.

Artist and filmmaker Jessica Oreck will lead Saturday’s workshop.


The Palisades Library is seeking more members for its teen council, which meets at 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays. The meetings are in person and online.

Teens will work with the Palisades Young Adult Librarian and peers to suggest purchases for the library. Teens will plan library programs and implement a teens leading change project. Teens will also be able to write articles for the teen blog. Community service hours may be earned. For more information and Zoom access, email:




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