Gofundme Organized for El Medio Bluffs Mail Carrier

US Postal Mail Carrier Bryan Ramirez was badly injured in an accident on PCH and Entrada.


“We witnessed an accident at Pacific Coast Highway and Entrada tonight [August 8]. It appears that a motorcyclist was trapped under an SUV,” a resident wrote, and added, “it looked bad.”

It was bad. Palisades U.S. Postal Mail Carrier Bryan Ramirez was on his way home from work on Tuesday.

A resident Elizabeth, who has created a gofundme page for him wrote, “A SUV made an illegal U-turn and ran over Bryan on his motorcycle.

“Unfortunately, his right leg was pinned against two vehicles. His leg will have to be amputated from the knee down. He walks for a living, is a mail carrier, this man’s life has changed forever.”

Elizabeth said, “I ask from the bottom of my heart to help with whatever you can, to help cover his bills that he won’t be able to cover because of this tragic accident, so as he recovers, his focus can be on getting better.”

After posting the notice on Nextdoor, Postal worker Julie Garcia wrote “Bryan is my co-worker… he has been delivering mail to residents in the El Medio Bluffs for about two years now. I’m sure his customers think as highly of him as we do at the Post Office! Please consider making a contribution.”

Another person on Nextdoor wrote: “This is so horrible thank you for sharing the Gofundme page. This is horrific.”

A reader sent it to CTN and wrote “this is the accident we witnessed. Please post on CTN.”

To go to the gofundme page, click here.

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3 Responses to Gofundme Organized for El Medio Bluffs Mail Carrier

  1. Paula H Deats says:

    I hope the drivers’ insurance companies FULLY UNDERSTAND the magnitude of what happened to Mr. Ramirez! My guess is that they will; that watchful attorneys have found Mr. Ramirez and will go after whatever can be found. For once, we might find ourselves grateful for attorneys who “take no prisoners”?

  2. Kathleen Jensen says:

    What a horrible accident. Does the USPS offer insurance to cover medical costs & long-term disability for employees? Is Brian covered by medical & long-term insurance? Has the insurance company of the SUV driver stepped up to cover costs to replace motorcycle and medical costs? I will do what I can to help. Prayers for Brian’s recovery.

  3. Chuck Foster says:

    With a law enforcement and law education background, my input is whatever attorney or law firm is being considered, do the necessary online research, evaluate client comments, and chose an attorney or firm that will 1) take this case on a contingency (no fees unless you win) and 2) has the resources and reputation for successfully litigating motorcycle injury cases. Also consider the location (jurisdiction) where the case is likely to be litigated noting attorneys and law firms in that area have established reputations with these courts, judges, insurance companies etc. Out of area counsel, not so much.
    — Chuck

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