Free LED Light Bulbs from LADWP


Cost $7.9 Million: There Are Numerous Environmental Benefits

A Circling the News reader wanted to know the cost of the two LED lightbulbs that we all received in a reusable bag from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power last week.

LADWP spokesperson Deborah Hong said in a July 9 email to CTN that all LADWP customers, including single-family and multi-unit residences, were part of the 2.8-million bulb giveaway. The program, which cost $7.9 million, started the first week of May.

In a June 17 press release, LADWP wrote that “If all of LADWP’s residential customers make the switch, the program is expected to result in 4,410 gigawatt hours of energy saved which is equivalent to removing more than 330,000 automobiles off the road annually.

“The program is expected to save customers up to $476 in electric costs over the lifetime of those two LEDs.” (If everyone used the bulbs, the total savings over the lifetime of the LEDs would be a combined $666.4 million.)

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by two LEDs over their lifetime is equivalent to 2,733 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle,” the release concluded.

“Not only will this simple change help save the environment, it will also put money back in our customers’ pocketbooks,” LADWP General Manager David H. Wright was quoted in the press release.

Visit: for details on rebates and conservation programs.

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  1. Murray Levy says:

    Its great to see the LADWP helping us all to painlessly reduce our consumption of power. Now we must all do our part.

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