Fire Station 69 Office Remodel Underway

Captain Jeff Brown (left) received a donation from Anawalt’s Juan Ayala (store manager) and Rosie Maravilla (general manager) and are joined by two firefighters.

Long-time resident Nancy Klopper, who is active in several community organizations, secured a donation from the Palisades Anawalt for Fire Station 69 located on Carey and Sunset.

“On one of my walks into town,” Klopper said. “I dropped into Station 69 in Pacific Palisades and learned firefighters were about to embark on a project.”

She said they were remodeling the front office, a space where LAFD Captains keep records, meet with the public and answer non-emergency calls.

The office, which was built in 1967, at 15045 Sunset Boulevard, had never been updated.

One might think that the City would help fund a remodel, but that would be incorrect. Klopper found out that the money for this project was coming from the firefighters, who will do all the labor, when not on calls.

“I went to Palisades Anawalt to see if they would like to contribute,” Klopper said.  “They quickly replied ‘Yes’ and presented Station 69 with a $500 gift card along with some drywall material.”

Additionally, fire fighters hope to enclose a shop/patio area in the back of the building. Right now, tools and a worktable are located under an awning.

Firefighters would like to enclose the shop at Station 69.

CTN stopped by on February 21, and some of the work had been done in the office, including a new ceiling, lighting and flooring.

The tile placed in the kitchen in 1967 is cracking and needs to be replaced.

The kitchen could also do with new flooring, the green tile, which is cracking in several places was most likely installed 55 years ago.

The captain on duty said that with 12 of them living there 24 hours, seven days a week, “things get worn down.”

Many residents don’t realize that firefighters are also expected to pay for television, cable, pots and pans – and their food while on duty.

The Fire Foundation helps and “just bought us new refrigerators.” But the “industrial-style” mixer also just broke, and firefighters had to ask if it could be replaced – if there was money for it.

“If there’s no money then we have to replace it ourselves,” the captain said.

Or if something needs to be repainted, the firefighters can put in a maintenance request, but sometimes it takes so long that we say, “let’s just go buy paint and get it done.”

CTN was told that Station 19, in Brentwood just received a million-dollar donation and with the money they are replacing the gym, the floors and doing a general upgrade.

When speaking with firefighters, Klopper found out that the remaining costs will be about $18,000. Residents can contribute by going to the Foundation: adopt-a-fire-station (Fire Station 69)

Firefighters would also like to enclose the grill (right), which is outside. Wash machines are need of replacement, too.

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5 Responses to Fire Station 69 Office Remodel Underway

  1. Monica says:

    They came out and rescued our little parrot, using the longest ladders I’ve ever seen. You bet I’ll be donating!

  2. Sandy Brown says:

    Fire station # 71 at Beverly Glen and Sunset is fortunate to have an “Adopt” tax deductible program for over 13 years supported by 5 homeowner associations. We are not connected to the Fire Foundation that takes a percentage of every donation for administrative costs and for other stations. Every cent we raise goes to our station. We partner with the Bel Air Garden Club to landscape and maintain the grounds. Over the years, our “Adopt” program has provided a new tool room, exercise equipment, washer & dryer, refrigerator, carpet for training and dorm room, and a new air system among many other donations. Our program is very much appreciated and has had great success.

  3. Betsy Handler says:

    Why aren’t tax dollars available for this? Some research warranted here.

  4. LC says:

    Betsy— Have you seen our schools? Streets? Parks? It should surprise you if the city/ state one day learns now to budget correctly.

  5. Sue says:

    Actually, the LAFD Foundation does not take an admin fee for any specific Adopt a Fire Station donations. All donations made to station 69, or any other station for that matter, go straight to the station’s account for them to spend as they wish.

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