Fall AYSO Season Was Dedicated to Janet Anderson and Debbie Held

Debbie Held was AYSO Region 69 Commissioner for years.
PHOTO: Rich Schmitt

(Editor’s note: Debbie Held and Janet Anderson helped helm Region 69 AYSO Soccer for as long as this editor can remember—literally decades. This past, year Lauren Colahan took over as the new AYSO Region 69 Commissioner and with her board, dedicated the season to Held and Anderson. Their letter is below.)


Janet Anderson took over as 69 Commissioner after Debbie Held.
Photo: Rich Schmitt

We are humbled that Lauren Colahan and her Region 69 Board dedicated the Fall 2023 Season to us.

We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to serve our communities of Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and adjacent neighborhoods for a combined 75 years.

Our fond memories, the spirit of volunteering, and many lifelong friendships began with our first born children when they enrolled in AYSO (1980, and 1993).

Our husbands and children quickly learned that they too were either the Regional Commissioner, assistant RC, or little ambassadors, by default!

In the days of “paper” and before the internet, they helped us with those last minute chores of stuffing envelopes, preparing packets, and making many deliveries.

They waited patiently, or not so patiently, as we finished a phone call or email. Family was always there, along with our many AYSO volunteer friends, to contribute to the success of our program. We will always cherish our AYSO journey, our families, and the many friendships we made along the way.

Lauren’s vision began before her appointment in March, and endless hours of preparation began shortly after.

The Region is blessed to have a former player at the helm, who played during our tenure with our own children. She has fresh ideas and boundless energy and enthusiasm, yet she also appreciates AYSO Region 69’s history and philosophies.

She implemented a new software system that vastly improved our ability to operate the region and communicate with parents, referees and coaches. With Lauren, and the continued strong support from Corinne Briers, Coach Administrator, Marc Gordonson, Referee Administrator,  the R69 Board (current and prospective members), and continuing and new volunteers, the Region will thrive.

From Opening Day Kick Off, when those adorable practice jerseys (bearing our names) were distributed to each player, to the fabulous season ending party last weekend, when players received their photos and trophies, AYSO families have experienced only the beginning of her dedication to our soccer community.

Lauren, Travis, Olivia, Charlotte, and Quinn, we wish you all the best during your AYSO journey, certain to be a “family affair.”

You make us proud. As we “pass the torch,” we feel the Region is in the best of hands.

Janet Anderson and Debbie Held (former ARC’s and RC’s)


(Some divisions will still have league games this month, followed by playoffs in December, but the season for 5U, 6U, 7U is done.)

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  1. Maryam Zar says:

    Congratulations to both!

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