Evicting Tenants in Pacific Palisades Underway

This building 1t 16458 Sunset was purchased for $2 million at the beginning of July.

Palisades resident Kevin Sabin and Lance Zuckerbraun purchased the 5,363 sq-ft building on a 9,964-sq.-lot at 16458 Sunset Boulevard in July for $2 million.

The Sunset unit houses 13 people, with rents ranging between $1,200 and $1,500, which means it is considered affordable housing by Los Angeles City.

The residents who live there include three seniors, 83, 81 and 75, and a family with two children, who have IEP’s at local schools. CTN ran a September 12 story (“Community Destroyed at 16458 Sunset Boulevard”).

Almost as soon as new ownership took over the property, tenants said they were being harassed.

Harassment according to the law is attempting to coerce the tenant to vacate with offer(s) of payment.

Circling the News tried to contact Sabin and Zuckerbraun several times by phone to ask why the washer and dryer in the laundry room was removed and if it were true that they planned to move into the building: if that was the reason for the planned evictions.  No one responded.

Tenants have said they have received numerous papers put on their door written by Sabin’s lawyer Dennis P. Block, who is listed as an eviction attorney. His telephone number is 800-77E-VICT.

CTN called Block to confirm that he was Sabin’s and Zuckerbruan’s attorney. Block’s secretary knew the property and asked which unit this editor wanted to know about. I told her I was from a newspaper and just wanted to confirm if he was the men’s attorney, the secretary said, “we have no comment,” and hung up the phone.

Today, September 14, tenants learned that the landlords may have a new lawyer, Michael C. Earle of Fast Eviction Service, click here.

On that company’s website, it states: “When you have unwanted tenants you need to get rid of ASAP, Fast Eviction Service helps protect your property investments by completing the eviction in the fastest time possible.”

CTN called Sabin and Zuckerbraun to see if a new lawyer had replaced Block. Neither man returned the call.

CTN called Earle and his secretary took my number. I told her I was with a news outlet and on deadline and asked when I could expect a call back. She said, “a week,” and hung up immediately.


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7 Responses to   Evicting Tenants in Pacific Palisades Underway

  1. Tom Brod says:

    Good one, Sue!

  2. Frank Renfro says:

    Keep on em!

  3. Jim McCashin II says:

    Hang in there. Good on you, as the Aussies might say.

  4. Karin Olson-Espinosa says:

    This is truly criminal what Sabin and Zuckerbraun are doing! Sue…..thank you thank you!!!!!! Is there anything that we can do as a community?

  5. CC Fischer says:

    This is evil. Sabin and Zuckerbraun deserve all the bad karma available.

  6. CC Fischer says:

    Oh, and there is no lie that so misused as ” I am moving in” or “My son is moving in”. Always these apartments are boosted to 3x the rent after whatever “relative” moves out in a couple weeks. Men who act like this in their business dealings, like Sabin and Zuckerbraun, no matter how much filthy lucre they acquire, are bottom feeders and lowlifes. Lawyers who make their entire business the immiseration of others can rot in hell.

  7. Michele says:

    This is happening to me in the Palisades… I’m a single mom with a preschooler and a man has purchased 4-6 units where we are and lives in one, his wife has her name on the another, he has one under an LLC that he has since flipped, has a friend’s name on mine, and bought another one under another friend’s name who is currently living there. This man owns approximately 30+ rental units around LA and has worked the system using all of these aliases so he can get around LA Housing Department. We are getting evicted for “owner occupy” but it’s obvious that’s not what is happening. This guy is a criminal and I hope he gets busted some day. I would say his name here but because of all of these aliases whatever I say is technically here say.

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