Eucalyptus Tree Chopped Down Illegally at 725 Almar,

The developer did not have a permit to cut down the 100-year-old eucalyptus tree on Almar.

Residents Urged to Be Vigilant about Parkway Cutting

A reader alerted Circling the News in a July 24 email, “This morning, at 725 Almar Ave, a beautiful, healthy eucalyptus was taken out. This tree matched all the others on this designated street and will be sorely missed. It was probably older than anyone in this town. This seems to be happening more and more lately with no one caring.”

L.A. City Department of Public Works public information officer Paul Gomez promised to check if there was a permit. On July 30, he wrote in an mail: “We checked and there was not a permit taken out for the tree at 725 Via Almar. The matter is being looked into.”

The reader also wrote that the house on Almar was approved with plans that are different from what was built. We checked with Building and Safety Chief Inspector Kim Arther, who responded: “Regarding the property at 725 Almar, there are active permits for all construction currently taking place on site. In addition, all inspections are up to date and the inspectors are carefully making sure this project is built per approved plans.

“If your reader wishes to discuss this further, they may contact Devin Myrick, Chief Inspector via email at”

Circling the News also relayed to Arther that the tree had been cut down without a permit.

Please dial 311 or (800) 996-2489 to report a parkway tree being cut down and to check if there is a permit. If you cc Circling the News and send a photo, we will be glad to follow up. CTN feels that all people, including developers, should obey the law.



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  1. m says:

    I grew up on Via de las Olas. In the late 50s / early 60s, every lot had a nice eucalyptus tree in front of it. Sometimes we’d even have a bunch of monarchs visiting — it was amazing. Walking there now, so many of those trees are gone.

    How about planting a bunch of eucalyptus in the parkland below, between Via de las Olas and PCH, so that in the future, it might serve as a resting place for migrating monarchs?

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