Emergency Repairs on Southbound PCH

Southbound Traffic on PCH Backed up to Malibu

Emergency repairs started started overnight, March 13, on Pacific Coast Highway, with two of the three southbound lanes closed from the California Incline to the McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica.

Originally lanes were set to re-open by 5 a.m., but according to CalTrans, “during repairs bedrock below and on the side of the vault was cracked. The cracked bedrock allowed sea water to flood the area and create a sink hole.”

SoCal Edison called an emergency contractor and work was started to pump out the water, fill the vault and sink hole with slurry, and place steel plates over the location to re-open lanes to traffic.

Caltrans is predicting that two of the three southbound lanes will be reopen by 1 p.m. If residents are leaving for the airport or points south, check traffic apps or go to dot.ca.gov/d7 and click on local emergency information, for the latest updates.

With the lane closures on PCH, extra traffic is expected on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades.

Southern California Edison had a permit to repair equipment in a ground vault that was damaged during a vehicle accident on February 27. According to a CaltransDist7 tweet, “Caltrans maintenance is not involved in this operation, but a Caltrans Permits inspector is on scene.”

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