Electrical Outages in the Highlands, Huntington Palisades

The Pacific Palisades DWP building was built in 1935. It is still the only building responsible for supplying power to the town
Photo: Palisades Historical Society

A resident wrote on January 3, “I returned December 17th to the Highlands and since my return we have lost power multiple times for several hours at a time…no warning, no explanation.  Yesterday [January 2] it was out for over 5 hours.”

CTN sent an inquiry to L.A. Department of Power and Water, “Why is the Palisades Highlands experiencing power outages?”

DWP Spokesperson Carol Tucker replied on January 6, “We did look into it and here is what we found. There were several calls on December 16 from the same customer in the Palisades area that were determined to be caused by customer equipment. That was resolved quickly.

“We did some research and did identify outages on 12/21/22, 1/1/23 and 1/2/23 that affected some customers in the Palisades area. The equipment was underground, which is more complex to locate the problem and also to repair once identified.

“Various short outages can occur as part of the troubleshooting process to locate the source of the problem, as was the case with the outage on 1/2/23 which did result in a 12 hour outage,” Tucker said.

On January 5, CTN had received another resident’s email “Surprised you haven’t covered all the recent power outages in the Palisades:  the Huntington all day yesterday for sure, plus traffic lights out, including at the very dangerous PCH/Chautauqua intersection.

“My husband grew up in NYC and I grew up in Wisconsin and neither of us recall any power outages in our youth.  What’s going on with LA infrastructure?”

That inquiry was also sent to Tucker, when she responds, CTN will update readers.

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  1. “What’s going on with L.A. infrastructure?”, vs. Wisconsin? Class? Anyone??

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