Driver in Hospital in Critical Condition after Crash on Chautauqua

The driver’s car left the road, went through an iron fence and hit this home on Chautauqua.

There was a single vehicle accident on Wednesday, May 24, around 10:15 p.m., in the 300 block of Chautauqua. A driver, who was driving downhill on Chautauqua (between Vance Street and La Cumbre Drive), had to be extricated from the car by the Los Angeles Fire Department and was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

In a CBS late-night report, camera showed a special heavy-duty tow truck that was used to pull the black GMC Denali out of the yard between two homes, which were located on a steep cliff.

Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin received an email notification of the accident and was told that West Traffic Division is handling the investigation due to the severe injuries.

One resident in Santa Monica Canyon wrote, “Last night sounded like Armageddon here in the Canyon. There were sirens and helicopters.”

Another Canyon resident who was looking at the accident site this morning, noted that the iron fence probably slowed the car down, enough that it only did damage to the stucco on the side of the house and possibly an air-conditioning unit.

The owner was not home at the time of the accident.

The car went off the road between the two houses.

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