Dementia Friends Program Will Be the Topic

At Next Monday’s Senior Alliance Gathering

Dick Williams, representing the Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles Speakers Bureau, will talk about the Dementia Friends program at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, May 20, at the Palisades Library community room.

Sponsored by the Palisades Alliance for Seniors, this monthly meeting is open to all residents. Admission is free.

Dementia Friends is a global movement that is trying to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Society in the United Kingdom, the Dementia Friends initiative is underway in California and across the United States.

Dementia is not a normal part of aging and is caused by diseases of the brain, with the most common being Alzheimer’s. People with dementia can still have a good quality of life.

Dementia often starts with short-term memory loss, but it can also affect the way that people think, speak and do things. Those with dementia become confused, find it difficult to communicate (as they can’t remember the words that they want) and can have difficulties planning.

People who are interested in learning more about dementia may view a series of videos, which help them better understand what it is like to live with dementia. With better understanding of the condition, which now affects an estimated 5.6 million Americans age 65 and older and about 200,000 individuals under 65, communities can make a difference for people touched by the disease.


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  1. miriam meyer says:

    will this talk be recorded or filmed? unfortunately, can only stay for very short period.
    thank you

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