Criminals Caught by West L.A. Burglary Detectives

These are some of the stolen object recovered by burglary detectives. If you think they are yours contact your LAPD Senior Officer

In a Zoom townhall meeting on January 3, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Detectives announced significant progress, making 12 arrests and that “seven South American burglary suspects had been arrested.”

This meeting followed one held on December 21, in which detectives had passed on burglary prevention tips to residents.

Detectives said that five suspects were arrested by adjacent law enforcement agencies, including Beverly Hills. An additional suspect that was part of an L.A. crew was also arrested.

“The arrest is the easy part,” Detectives said. “Now we’re working on processing the paperwork.”

Once the paperwork is completed, the cases go to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Detectives announced that “We discovered about $1 million in property.” Some of the property has already been returned to its rightful owners, “but we have other items that need to be identified.”

The criminal activity associated with those arrested had been largely in Brentwood and Bel Air. “We think you’re going to see a significant decline in crime,” detectives said, but noted that there are still “groups” of criminals in Pacific Palisades and the Riviera section of the Palisades that they are working to catch.

LAPD in making a “stronger” case for prosecution and greater punishment could use any video surveillance that is available.

Detectives said that if residents could afford it, that having professionals installing video cameras – that use color even at night, could help make police cases stronger with the District Attorney.

They once again urged people to bolt down safes – or “don’t keep valuables in the house” because that will prevent “burglars from having ‘great’ success.”

At the end of the meeting, Detectives showed several items that police hope to return to the rightful owner. If one of these items belongs to you, contact your senior lead officer.

Three senior lead officers and their emails: Palisades (Brian Espin, Bel Air (James Allen – and Brentwood (Matthew Kirk – were in attendance at the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, attended by nearly 450 people, Brian Williams, Mayor Karen Bass’ Deputy Mayor for public safety said, “The Mayor is concerned about what is going on and will ensure that LAPD has the resources they need.”

Police are trying to find the owners of these stolen items.

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