Crime Uptick from June 20 to 26

Rusty Redican discovered this abandoned camp behind the Cal Trans wall on June 29.

Pacific Palisades temporary Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin released the Part 1 Crime report for June 20-26 that included 10 incidents.


June 20, in the 14700 block of McKendree Avenue. The suspect removed a garage opener from a vehicle that was not locked and then removed a bike from the garage.

June 23, in the 14200 block of Evans Road. Reported as a hot prowl, the suspect entered the garage and removed collectibles.

June 23, in the 600 block of Swarthmore Avenue. Reported as a hot prowl. The suspect (a transient) entered the residences through unknown means and fled when confronted by the victim. He was placed under arrest.

June 24, in the 1400 block of Allenford Avenue at Paul Revere Middle School. The suspect used a lock-picking tool and removed bottled water.

June 25, in the 17100 block of Avenida de Santa Ynez. The suspect smashed the victim’s second-story bedroom glass door and ransacked the interior. Unknown if property was taken.


There were four reports filed involving Burglary Theft from Vehicle. On one, a window was smashed; on a second, the suspect obtained entrance to a door punch and the other two were reported as an unknown method. The report shows that all of the reported BTFV were in the Castellammare section of Pacific Palisades but does not state the street.


One theft was reported, near the Castellammare area, but the report does not show the location or what was taken.

On June 24, Espin sent an update:

*  Yesterday (not on the map) off Mandeville Canyon, a couple vehicles were taken during the evening hours. The vehicle key fobs were left inside, which makes it easy for criminals to jump in and take off.

*  We had a shooting along PCH, south of Sunset. Victims and suspects fled the scene prior to officer arrival. A witness reported the shooting. We believe the shooting could be gang-related based on the witness statement.

*  Be aware of your neighborhood. In one burglary, the suspect was posing as a food delivery person. With all the different ride sharing and food delivery companies, there are always going to be people driving through the neighborhood. Not everyone is a suspect (criminal), but we as a community just need to be aware.

*  If you are visiting the beach or trailheads, please do not leave your vehicle keys in the car or hidden on the outside of your car. Prior auto crimes involved surfers hiding the vehicle keys in the tire wheel well of the vehicle.  Someone was either watching or just happened to know the areas to check for hidden keys.

*  Do not leave any valuable items in your vehicle. Most criminals are opportunists. Do not leave anything in plain sight inside your vehicle. Let’s “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it.”


Circling the News was told that officers are now being interviewed for the permanent Pacific Palisades Senior Lead Officer position. Officer John “Rusty” Redican is one of those being considered.  He recently returned to the Palisades after medical leave, and went right to work, discovering an abandoned camp behind the Caltrans wall on Pacific Coast Highway. Further south, he discovered an individual camping. The man was warned that this was a very high fire severity zone, and no camping is allowed. The transient was offered services, but instead left with his belongings.


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