CRIME: Shooting on PCH Near Temescal Canyon Road 

Police responded to a victim that had been shot in the Will Rogers Beach Parking lot. He then drove to the corner of PCH and Temescal Canyon Road, which was taped off.

Circling the News received the following information from a resident, who was traveling southbound on Temescal Canyon Road around 7 a.m. today (Sunday).

“A man on the side of the road right at PCH and Temescal was lying on the ground. He says he was shot. Cops and Palisades Patrol have just arrived.”

Another resident said that two men got into a verbal argument at the 76 gas station at PCH and Sunset. One man drove to Will Rogers State Beach followed by the second man, described as Latino, who shot him. The gunman then jumped into a white van and headed south on PCH towards the pier.

The man who was shot got back in his car and drove across PCH to Temescal Canyon Road and told a passerby to call the police.

A resident said that there was a witness to the shooting. The victim was reported in stable condition on local television news.

The current Pacific Palisades Senior Lead Officer Oscar Perez was contacted about a possible motive and if the shooting suspect had been apprehended. CTN will update the story as we find out more information.


Chaotic Car Gathering in Ralphs’ Parking Lot

Ralphs’ parking lot was filled with cars in the early am hours on Saturday.

About 150 cars gathered in the Ralphs parking lot early Saturday morning. Residents reported helicopters circling the Alphabet streets.

Resident Lou Kamer wrote on Nextdoor that there was one helicopter and that “Police are responding to a car club gathering in Ralphs’ parking lot and then helping them find the way out of town.”

Another resident wrote that they had just driven west on Sunset from the 405. “There were an unbelievable amount of cars racing! Thought we might need to pull off. The parking lot at Ralphs was full of cars with people milling around. There was one police car.”

The parking lot was cleared around 3:30 a.m. and there were reports of street racing on west and eastbound Sunset.


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