CRIME: Senior Lead Officer Release Report of October 1 through 7


Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin.

Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin wrote in his weekly crime report that “There has been an increase in vehicle license plate thefts and E- bike thefts throughout West L.A.”

He acknowledged that it is difficult to prevent someone from stealing your license plate but recommended the following preventative measures:  1.) Try to park your vehicle in a well-lit area. 2.) You can also use locking fasteners that use specific screws or tools to take on and off. 3.) If you have an E-bike, remove the battery pack when parking or storing it. 4.)  Use a good lock that is extremely durable that might take longer to cut or break.


Another homeless man has taken up residence on the sidewalk near Ralphs grocery store. He has been engaged by the Palisades Task Force on Homelessness but has refused services. Los Angeles Police Department spoke to him on Saturday, and he initially left, but now he’s back in town.



October 5, 8:10 a.m., at Pacific Coast Highway and Channel Road. From a distance, the suspect displayed a pair of scissors in a threatening manner and shouted “Get away or I’ll get you. I’m the devil.” The suspect was placed on a 5150 hold.


October 5, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the 14000 block of Camarosa Drive. The suspect shattered the rear glass door, ransacked the location and possibly fled with victim’s property. There was a house sitter, and that person did not know what property was taken at the time the report was filed.


October 5 to 6, 10:30 to 2:45 p.m., in the 200 block of Entrada Drive. The license plate was taken off the vehicle.

October 5, 9 a.m., in the 300 block of Entrada Drive. The license plate was taken off the vehicle.

October 6, 3:35 p.m., at Temescal Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway. A suspect entered the victim’s vehicle, removed property and fled the location.

October 6, 9:45 to 10:30 a.m., at Temescal Canyon Road and Sunset Boulevard. The suspect entered the victim’s vehicle, removed property and fled location.

October 7, 4:15 a.m. in the 17000 block of Avenida de Santa Ynez. The suspect was seen on security camera, entered victim’s vehicle by unknown means (no forced entry), removed victim’s property and fled the location.


October 1, 3:10 to 4:24 p.m., in the 100 block of Entrada Drive. An E-bike was taken from the driveway/garage. (Note: e-bike theft reports are taken on CHP 180 vehicle report forms, which is why they are classified as grand theft auto.)

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