CRIME: In and Around the Palisades

(Editor’s note: In addition to Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin’s Crime Report this week, CTN is reprinting a story that ran in the February 11 edition of the Westside Current.)

This is one of many RVs in the City. This is not the RV that the dead woman was found in.

LAPD Discovers Woman’s Body in RV Near LAX Following Canadian Man’s Confession

A Canadian man surrendered to the Los Angeles Police Department on February 9, confessing to the killing of his partner. He claimed the act was in self-defense after she allegedly threatened him with a knife.

Following his confession, police were directed to an RV parked near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where they discovered the woman’s body, which had significantly decomposed. The vehicle was immediately seized for a thorough investigation.

The couple, originally from Canada, had been living in the RV. The exact details leading to the fatal confrontation are currently under investigation.

Authorities have yet to disclose the identities of the involved parties.




February 1, 6 p.m., in the 600 block of Haverford. A suspect smashed a basement window, entered the residence and fled with victim’s property, drinkware worth $200. Prints were requested.


January 29, 4:33 p.m., in the 1500 block of Will Rogers State Park Road. A suspect entered the victim’s locked vehicle, removed property and fled.

February 2, 3:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Alma Real Drive. The suspect entered an unsecured vehicle, removed property and fled.

February 3, 11 a.m. at Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway. A suspect entered the victim’s secured vehicle and fled with victim’s property.


February 2, 9:05 p.m. in the 16700 block of Charmel Lane. This was a home-invasion robbery. The suspect, a 27-year-old black, male, entered victim’s residence through an unlocked door, brandished a handgun towards victim and demanded property, and demanded the victim open his safe. The suspect fled in a black 2023 Kia Forte. He was being followed by undercover officers and was later arrested in Torrance.


January 28, 1:45 p.m., at 17300 Pacific Coast Highway. A group of 200 to 300 bikers entered business, removed property without paying for items and fled location (flashmob theft).

January 30, 1 to 1:40 p.m., at 15700 Pacific Coast Highway. A suspect removed victim’s property from the beach.

February 1, 5:08 p.m., in the 1000 block of Swarthmore Avenue. Two suspects entered business and removed items from the display area. The suspects fled t

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