CRIME—Dead Body, Public Safety and Espin Report

Pacific Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin reported on December 23 that “West LA Area Officers received a call for service regarding a decomposed body located a quarter mile off of Parker Mesa trail. At this time there is no reason for concern. In the preliminary stages it appears there is no evidence of foul play. The coroner and Operations West Bureau Homicide Detectives are handling the investigation due to the cause of death being undetermined. The decadent’s remains are being airlifted by LA Fire Dept air operations due to the remote location.

One local reported that “I was told by the police leaving the scene it was a female and most likely homeless.”

Circling the News contacted Espin to see if he could confirm that statement. On December 27, Espin wrote “Yes, we believe the body that was discovered was a homeless female.”

CTN contacted the L.A. County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office, who also replied on December 17 that “We have not officially determined the person’s gender.”



There are deer and wildlife that live in the hills around Pacific Palisades. Remember to slow down and be on the lookout. A car hit a deer this morning below Via de las Olas, killing it, and snarling traffic.

Workers removed the deer from PCH where it had been hit.


Resident Rich Wilken reported that a friend had texted him about a Christmas Day intruder. “I got home around 11 p.m. and see a light on in the front bedroom and think how stupid to waste electricity. I go into the room and clothing is on the floor and boxes have been emptied on the floor and beds.” The resident comes upon an intruder “I get the guy out of my house, call 911 and file a police report.”

This man broke into a house and “made himself at home.”


Crime-December 11 to 17


December 11, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the 500 block of Los Liones Drive. An unknown suspect smashed victim’s window and entered vehicle and removed victim’s property and fled.

December 11, 10:10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the 500 block of Bienveneda Avenue. Suspect removed victim’s property from vehicle

December 11, 10:10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the 500 block of Bienveneda Ave. (Online report) Victim’s property was stolen.

December 14, 1 p.m. Wednesday, in the 17000 block of Sunset Boulevard.



December 12, 9:15 in the 17000 block of Castellammare Drive. The vehicle was taken from the street. It was subsequently recovered.

December 13 to 14, 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. in the 500 block of Latimer Road. The vehicle was taken from the street.


December 17, 2:30 to 3:45 p.m., in the 15100 block of Pacific Coast Highway. An unknown suspect cut the lock and took the victim’s bicycle.



West LA police department hosted a toy drive, “thank you to everyone who donated,” Espin said. “The kids and families enjoyed all the toys and even an appearance from Santa in his sleigh.” (Santa’s sleigh–a red convertible–was easier to park than reindeer.)

LAPD West LA Senior Lead Officers led a toy drive for kids in need.

Cadets helped LAPD officers with the toy drive.


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