Crazy about Pickleball Leads to Rally Club Clothing Line

Rally Club offers clothing specifically designed as a pickleball line.


Palisadian Jewlz Fahn confessed to Circling the News, “I’m completely obsessed about pickleball.”

Fahn has partnered with Jonny Saven and Stephen Soller to form Rally Club, a new pickleball clothing line that is made to be worn both on and off the court.

Fahn, and cofounders Saven and Soller, who are also pickleball enthusiasts, are having a trunk sale from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 22, at BOCA, at 970 Monument Street.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sell our clothes there,” Fahn said. “The store always has such a great variety of trendy and stylish things to choose from. We feel so lucky and honored that Denise has offered her store for this sale.”

The origin of the company started with hiking.

Soller and Saven are both in the fashion industry. Soller was trying to convince Saven to go hiking.

Saven told his friend he couldn’t because he had hurt his back.

“Between your back and everyone playing pickleball there’s no hiking,” said Soller, who added “Maybe we should create a pickleball line because of all the hype.”

It was the beginning of the Rally Club.

Fahn said Harry Club, who is the creative director, and whose image is on many of the items, “is the true vision behind Rally Club. He is an incredible pickleball player who grew up with a pickleball paddle ‘glued’ to his hand. He can school us all.”

In addition to the trunk show this Saturday, Fahn said, “We would love to have a retail store with a pickleball court. With a storefront, we would be able to show the vision of our brand and how we can fit in a casual, cool, country club setting.”

Currently the Rally clothing line can be purchased online at “We love being online because there are no limits to who and where we can reach and to continue to build our community,” Fahn said.

If you miss the event at BOCA on Saturday, Rally founders will be at Fred Segal at the Malibu Country Mart from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on August 26.

“We will have pickleball courts in the parking lot, a pro offering lessons, games, raffles, prizes, gift bags and of course, our clothes for sale,” Fahn said.

A variety of clothes from the Rally Club line will be available on Saturday at BOCA.

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