Corpus Holds Open House for Prospective Families October 10


Kindergarten through eighth grade students attend Corpus Christi School.

An open house for prospective families and students will be held at Corpus Christi School from 8:30 to 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 10.

The school, a K-8, co-ed Catholic School, was founded in 1951, and is located at 890 Toyopa Drive.

Corpus offers a challenging curriculum which prepares students for entrance into competitive high schools. Subjects taught include language arts, math, religion, science, social studies, art, computers, physical education and music.

Every lead teacher has a master’s degree in education and a California teaching credential.

The school “encourages curiosity, critical thinking and rigorous analysis. Not only do students master subject matter but they graduate possessing the skills to succeed in high school and beyond.”

There is a focus on social and emotional learning that helps students build self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for each other.

Corpus Christi athletics emphasizes sportsmanship and skill, while the arts programs encourage historic knowledge and participation. In the fall, there is girls volleyball, flag football and cross country. Winter sports include girls and boys basketball, and the spring has boys’ volleyball and track and field. The school participates in the Catholic Youth Organization with more than 150 schools and has attained several championships.

To register for the open house or to find out more about the school, call (310) 454-9411.

Corpus Christi School

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