Community Council’s Land Use Committee to Discuss Zoning Regulations

Neighbors say that the house at the corner of Ida and Marquez does not have the appropriate setbacks. The Land Use Committee is going to discuss it.

An October CTN story about oversized construction (“Neighbors Are Angry and Frustrated over Confusing Residential Building Regulations. What Can be Done?”) noted that at 16820 Edgar in the Marquez neighborhood, the building permit was for a two-story, 31-ft. high, single-family dwelling.

In that story, neighbors said that the building “was actually a three-story, 37-ft.+ structure. Rather than remedying by having the rooftop tower’s size reduced, it looks as if Plan Check has erred and has recently, simply reclassified the structure as a three-story SFD.”

Building and Safety clarified to CTN that it was “a two-story building with a roof deck.”

The Community Council’s Land Use Committee determined that the structure was legal and is now seeking community input, via Zoom, on January 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to discuss zoning regulations. More specifically, what should the zoning be for properties that meet the following criteria:

1) zoned R1 one-family;

2) designated as non-hillside; and

3) located in the coastal zone.

The LUC will seek input from community members to determine if changes should be made. Comments may also be submitted via email to LUC Chair Howard Robinson no later than 2 p.m. on January 11 ( Please let Robinson know generally where you live and if your property meets the three criteria identified above.

The LUC meeting agenda (with login details) will be distributed and posted on the PPCC website by January 8. Visit:

In addition to Robinson, other members of the LUC include Richard Blumenberg (PPCC Civic League representative), Steve Cron (Area 2 representative), David Kaplan (Vice chair), Rick Mills (Area 4 first alternate), Patti Post (transportation advisor), Joanna Spak (Area 1 representative), Chris Spitz (PPCC secretary) and David Card, PPCC Chair (ex officio/non-voting).

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