Coastal Commission Will Discuss Four Areas of Local Interest at April Meeting

The elder care project, which looms on Palisades Drive and blocks mountain views, may be discussed in closed session during the Coastal Commission meeting.

The Coastal Commission will meet virtually on April 12, 13 and 14 and residents can give public comment. There are four items of interest to Pacific Palisades residents click here.

The first will be done in closed session on April 12 when the Coastal Commission will discuss pending litigation:

  • Pacific Palisades Residents Association, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles, et al. (Shram, RPI), Govt. Code § 11126(e)(2)(A)

The second item will be discussed on Thursday, April 13, under an enforcement report, which concerns the lack of upkeep of the bathrooms and parking lot at the entrance to the Temescal Trailhead (see story).

Under the South Coast District Deputy Director’s Report (L.A. County), applicant Joey Harris was able to get a waiver to place a 100-sq.-ft. shed east of concession building #15 at 14755 PCH (across from the Chevron). The shed will be used to place umbrellas, tables and chairs, which will be brought out daily to add a picnic area near the concession.

Also, under the April 13 report is an Emergency Coastal Development Permit (ECDP) for Pacific Palisades Bowl Mobil Park that was issued on March 13 to stabilize the land under units 1 through 5 at 16321 Pacific Coast Highway. The  ECDP will be reviewed.  The owner of the Bowl was given permission to temporarily plant native plants and use a TECCO mesh system to stop the erosion under those units. This is a temporary permit, until a regular permit can be approved.

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4 Responses to Coastal Commission Will Discuss Four Areas of Local Interest at April Meeting

  1. Gordon Gerson says:

    The eldercare case is no longer pending legislation. The Court of Appeal denied the appeal by the Pacific Palisades Residents Association on March 8.

  2. Sue says:


    My question was what litigation is now between the Coastal Commission and PPRA? That’s the court case that’s being discussed behind closed doors.


  3. Stephen P Dickey says:

    The appeal was decided in favor of LA City, the Coastal Commission and Shram. Perhaps the CC just wants to put their win on the record. Read the decision at…

  4. Sue says:

    This wasn’t the (Community Council) CC, this was the PPRA (Pacific Palisades Residents Association).


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