Chuck Lorre’s Sitcom ‘B Positive’ Begins November 5 on CBS

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Annaleigh Ashford and Thomas Middleditch star in Chuck Lorre’s newest sitcom.

Can’t take anymore election coverage? How about a laugh with “B Positive,” which is Palisades resident Chuck Lorre’s latest sitcom. It premieres Thursday, November 5 on CBS at 8:30 p.m.

Lorre is the executive producer with co-creator Marco Pennette. The show stars Thomas Middleditch and Annaleigh Ashford.

Drew (Middleditch), a therapist and newly divorced dad, finds out he needs a kidney. He admits he doesn’t have a lot of friends who might be willing to donate, and then he runs into Gina (Ashford), a “party-girl” from his past who volunteers her kidney.

Blood tests show she’s a match for Drew, but the problem is keeping her sober for three months in order to donate.

In one of the early episodes, after she has a drink or two, Drew says “I knew I couldn’t count on you. You were a train wreck in high school, and you are a train wreck now.”

“That is not fair!” Gina replies. “I was not this bad back in high school.”

The New York Post in an October 29 story (“Sitcom King Chuck Lorre Strikes Again with ‘B Positive’”) wrote “And pay attention to the riders in Gina’s senior van — eagle-eyed viewers might recognize 87-year-old Bernie Kopell (Siegfried from “Get Smart” and Dr. Adam Bricker from “The Love Boat”), who will be a recurring character this season. Throw in the show’s “Monty Python”-style opening animation — and its catchy title — and there’s a lot to like about this series.”

In an October 30 story in the Salt Lake Tribune (“Scott D. Pierce: Chuck Lorre’s Latest Sitcom, ‘B Positive,’ Is Positively Good.”), Pierce writes “Never, ever underestimate Chuck Lorre. The last time the uber-producer created or co-created a network TV comedy that didn’t run for at least four seasons was 28 years ago. And he’s had nine on the air since then.”

Lorre’s Sitcoms:

1992 “Frannie’s Turn” was canceled after just six episodes.

1993 “Grace Under Fire” (five seasons)

1995 “Cybill” (four seasons)

1997 “Dharma & Greg” (five seasons)

2003 “Two and a Half Men” (12 seasons)

2007 “The Big Bang Theory” (12 seasons)

2010 “Mike & Molly” (six seasons)

2013 “Mom” (about to begin its eighth season)

2017 “Young Sheldon” (about to begin its fourth season)

2018 “The Kominsky Method” (will end after its upcoming third season)

2019 “Bob Hearts Abishola” (about to begin its second season).

The Chuck Lorre sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola” — about a middle-aged white guy from Detroit who falls in love with a nurse from Nigeria returns for its second season on Monday, November 16 on CBS.

Bob (Billy Gardell) goes shopping for an engagement ring for Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku). Pierce writes “it’s funny and charming and more understated than a lot of TV comedy. It’s well worth watching.”

Billy Gardell and Golake Olowofoyeku star in ‘Bob Hearts Abishola.’

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