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Mansion Tax Challenged as Unconstitutional

The “Mansion Tax,” Measure ULA, passed in November 2022, with 58 percent of voters approving, and 42 against. The measure added to the Los Angeles Municipal Code a 4 percent tax on transfers of real property with a gross value … Continue reading

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Potential Fire Site Discovered on Radcliffe Avenue

Brush clearance is underway around the Pacific Palisades for fire prevention. A vacant lot on Radcliffe Avenue had recently come under scrutiny because homeless were found living on it and an illegal electrical cord had been run from the adjacent … Continue reading

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Removing Roadblocks that Prevent All People from Accessing Real Estate

By ANTHONY MARGULEAS Special to Circling the News. Real estate represents an incredible opportunity to build and pass down generational wealth but remains disproportionately out of reach for many people. Hurdles to property ownership go far beyond the individual and … Continue reading

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Illegal Grading and Excavation in Paseo Miramar

A local Palisadian building contractor, using 10-12 workers, illegally removed a city barrier and cut LADOT signs off a closed portion of Paseo Miramar on February 1. The company then used two excavators to illegally clear and grade a closed … Continue reading

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Anthony Marguleas Examines the Recently Passed Measure ULA

      BY ANTHONY MARGULEAS, Founder of Amalfi Estates This poorly thought-out Measure ULA will have significant consequences on the economy that will be felt for years. ULA, which passed in November and is referred to as a “mansion … Continue reading

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Adamson House Decorated for “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

The Adamson House is festively decorated for the holiday season: “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” If one has relatives who are coming to town, or if a resident has never visited this historic 1930 beach house in Malibu, located along … Continue reading

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Prop. ULA: Red Herring for Helping the Homeless

The way to get the homeless of the streets is to tax the rich, according to Los Angles Proposition ULA, which voters approved on November 8. Many did not read the proposition closely and instead voted for the sentiment. People … Continue reading

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Real Estate Update: Ben Affleck, Larry David

By BERNICE FOX Ben Affleck is now officially a former Palisadian. He has sold his home in the Riviera. (Pacific Palisades is so special that anyone who lives here and then moves elsewhere always will be known as a former Palisadian.) … Continue reading

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Anthony Marguleas and Amalfi Estates Honored for Philanthropic Impact

Anthony Marguleas and his Pacific Palisades real estate company, Amalfi Estates, will be honored at several events this fall. Marguleas was recently named one of the “top 30 agents in L.A.” by The Hollywood Reporter. The magazine considered sales volume, … Continue reading

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On the Market: The Million Dollar Mobile Home View in the Palisades

BY VICKI HALLIDAY (This story ran on the Westside Current on September 9 and is reprinted with permission. Halliday examines some of the properties that are available at the Palisades Bowl, 16321 Pacific Coast Highway. The property was established in … Continue reading

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