Candidates Sought to Serve on the Community Council

Pacific Palisades is divided into eight areas and representatives are sought from each region to be on the local community council.

Do you want to make changes in the town? Do you have concerns you want voiced? Do you want to experience government at a grassroots level?

The Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) is seeking representatives to serve on its board. Area and At-large Representatives will be the voice of their constituents, bring issues to the PPCC, learn first-hand about policy and land-use topics affecting the Palisades and vote on matters of community-wide interest.

PPCC is an all-volunteer nonprofit, and one of the oldest organizations of its type in L.A. It served as the model for the Neighborhood Council program.

The town is divided into eight areas and a candidate needs to be selected from each area to sit on the board. There is also one at-large candidate that represents the town. The deadline to enter run and download a candidate statement on the PPPCC website is July 28 at 5 p.m. (Visit:

Voting will take place from August 19 to September 2, and candidates selected will serve two years. Meetings are held twice a month, except for July, August, November and December – and recently have been held over Zoom.

Incumbents are running in Area 2 (Steve Cron), Area 3 (Haldis Toppel), Area 4 (Karen Ridgley) and Area 8 (Reza Akef) and for the At-large seat (Alan Goldsmith).  Incumbents are not running in Areas 1, 5, 6 and 7.  All seats are open, and incumbents can be challenged.

Area Boundaries  (See also the Maps page and PPCC Bylaws & Procedures, Appendix B, Note 4: “In case of a conflict between the map and the descriptions, the map will govern. The descriptions interpret the map.”)

  • Area 1 – Pacific View Estates, Castellammare, Paseo Miramar, and Sunset Blvd. addresses from PCH to Palisades Drive
  • Area 2 – Palisades Highlands and Palisades Drive to Sunset Blvd.
  • Area 3 – Marquez Knolls and Bel Air Bay Club area, north and south of Sunset from east of Palisades Drive to and including Bienveneda
  • Area 4 – North and south of Sunset from east of Bienveneda to Temescal Canyon
  • Area 5 – Alphabet Streets, north of Sunset from east of Temescal Canyon to and including upper Rivas Canyon
  • Area 6 – Via Mesa/Bluffs, Huntington Palisades, south of Sunset from Temescal Canyon to and including Chautauqua Blvd.
  • Area 7 – Rustic, Santa Monica, and lower Rivas Canyons, and the Will Rogers area
  • Area 8 – Riviera section, and south of Sunset to Allenford, and Paul Revere Middle School.



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5 Responses to Candidates Sought to Serve on the Community Council

  1. Lori Guggenheim says:

    yes, I live in area 4, at el medio avenue, south of sunset and I would like to serve on the PPCC. I am a retired lawyer and have devoted the last 10 years to serving on non-profit boards, giving circles and other charitable and municipal nonprofit organizations.

  2. David Card says:

    PPCC’s correct web address is

  3. Linda Kelley says:

    Sue, you would make a great representative!!

  4. Sue says:


    Thanks. But I love writing about the proceedings, even more!


  5. Sue says:


    Please go to to see all the rules, so that you can run. You are exactly the kind of person the community needs.


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