Bank of America Branch Office Is Temporarily Closed, Possibly for Weeks

A small sign in the Bank of America door, said that the bank would be temporarily closed.

Circling the News received an email from a reader on Tuesday, stating “As you know, the Bank of America is closed. Do you have any information as to status, how long? It was a shock to us the other day when we went in there to get cash.”

CTN posted a query last night (December 29) and one reader responded: “I was told by a bank associate that a few employees at another office in Santa Monica tested positive for the Covid virus and therefore they closed this office and sent these employees over there to assist that busy office. Not sure when they will reopen. Several of the branches have been closed for months.”

Another reader wrote, “I talked with a Bank of America manager in Brentwood yesterday [December 29] and he told me that there have been serious staffing problems at all the branches due to COVID. [He said] the Palisades branch will be closed until at least February 1. If you need to get into your safety deposit box you can make an appointment for an employee to meet you there by calling 1-800-432-1000 (best option) or sending an email request to: (second best option).”

CTN contacted Bank of America today and spoke with a representative, who said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience. We hope to have the branch on Sunset opened up in two weeks or sooner.”

The representative said that people could call (866) 834-9286 to find out about the closest branches to Pacific Palisades and when the Sunset branch would reopen. She assured CTN that this was not permanent, but only a temporary closure.

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  1. David Card says:

    But why did the bank close the cash machine outside?

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