Art Association Sponsors Talk

Teresa Bernadette in her studio.

Pacific Palisades Art Association will feature artist Teresa Bernadette at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 23, at the Palisades Branch Library, 861 Alma Real.

Bernadette will present a selection of drawing, painting, and sculpture during her talk.

A multidisciplinary local artist, Bernadette’s work looks to the ancient, archaic, and arcane as tools of innovative storytelling. Experimenting across media, scale, and form, the artist wrestles with ephemerality, interrogating the bittersweetness of time and transformation.

On her website, Bernadette writes “As an awkward adolescent, I found refuge in the Arts. I sang and wrote music, drew and painted, built things, broke things, dressed strangely, and basically lived for theater.

“Art programs (and lack thereof) dramatically impacted my experience of school, and ultimately it was the support I received from teachers and mentors in the visual and performing arts that helped me at every stage,” she said.

“As an awkward adult, I am returning to school for a degree in Art Education – I want to be the person who inspires, uplifts, and creates opportunity for students to make their own creative discoveries,” Bernadette said, and adds, “.I draw inspiration for my artworks from activists, Facebook memes, and the 24-hour news cycle as much as from Mother Goose and the caterpillars on the passion vine in my parents’ yard. I find myself drawn to themes of feminism, environmentalism and animal rights, challenging conventional perceptions, and juxtaposing dissonance and harmony to inspire change.”

Her work has appeared in local group shows and in publications. Four of the pieces will appear in the upcoming Screenland 5K tribute to Motion Picture Magic, in May in Culver City.

This talk is sponsored by the Pacific Palisades Art Association, a nonprofit dedicated to informing and showcasing art in Pacific Palisades, click here., e-mail:

“A Full and Happy Life” by Teresa Bernadette.

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