Armed Robbery in the Huntington Palisades


Keys were taken from a Postal worker at gun-point, that would allow a criminal to open the blue United States Postal Service boxes.

A United States Postal carrier was robbed at gunpoint in the Huntington Palisades on August 21.

Gates Security Founder Scott Wagenseller alerted Circling the News to the crime on August 24.

“My staff were informed by the Postal Police that an armed robbery had occurred near Drummond and Ocampo and that the only thing the suspect demanded were postal keys,” Waggenseller said, and noted he wanted to get his information out to the community. “Our concern is that the keys could access apartment and condo lobbies and their mailboxes, and the curbside blue boxes in 90272.”

Circling the News contacted Palisades Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin, who confirmed, “Yes, there was a US Postal carrier that was held up at gun point this past Monday afternoon in the 700 block of Ocampo.”

Espin said that the U.S. Postal investigators are handling the investigation. He said that LAPD did not initially get a call about the robbery.

He said the police have learned that the suspect was described as light-skinned male, possibly Caucasian wearing a black mask, who fled in a gray Tesla.

At the Post Office today, CTN spoke to a clerk who said the mail carrier was okay but shaken up about having a gun pulled on him. The suspect was also described as light-skinned possibly Caucasian or Persian, and that there was a second person in the car.

She said that Postal Investigators had probably already changed the locks so that the stolen keys would not work on the mailboxes.

The clerk also said that postal thieves will take checks and “wash them,” which allows them to write in a different amount.

If residents have put checks in any of the blue U.S. Postal boxes, over this time period, they might want to confirm that checks have been cashed by the correct entity and for the correct amount.

The clerk said that people at the office were nervous and scared. She said last week, a worker’s car had also been broken into.

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  1. Don says:

    Wow. Just wow. Who would believe this is how far our society has descended into chaos. Did they get a license number on the Tesla? Wonder if it was stolen. Very sad.

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