All-Way Stop Signs Denied at El Medio and Erskine

The City denied placing stop signs on El Medio at Erskine.

Residents who live off El Medio and Erskine had asked the City if a four-way stop sign could be installed at that intersection. Pacific Palisade Community Council Area 4 Representative Rick Mills received the following letter from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, which explains why the request was denied:

May 18, 2020                                                             11- Western SR # 128734

El Medio Ave & Erskine Dr

Dear Mr. Richard Mills,


This is in reference to your request on MYLADOT for  the  installation  of  an  all- way stop sign control at the intersection of El Medio Avenue & Erskine Drive.  Currently, stop signs control north and southbound traffic on El Medio Avenue at this intersection.

A traffic engineering study at this intersection was recently completed. The study included a review of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) records of reported traffic collisions, a field investigation of physical conditions, existing traffic controls, a spot speed study, and field observations of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at this intersection.

The engineering review and supporting data failed to satisfy any of this Department’s guidelines for the installation of all-way stop sign control at this intersection. All-way stops signs are installed for the purpose of assigning right-of-way to vehicular and pedestrian traffic in a safe and efficient manner, at locations having relatively large volumes of traffic on all approaching directions, or where a need for a more restrictive control of right-of-way assignment has been demonstrated. An investigation of the existing traffic control and physical conditions indicate that the existing stop signs are providing the proper right-of-way assignment at this intersection. In addition, a review of the most updated LAPD’s records of reported traffic collisions did not reveal an operational problem associated with the lack of a stop sign control at this intersection. The engineering study also found this location to be a short distance from the adjacent all-way stop sign controlled intersection of Erskine Drive and Bowdoin Street.

In view of this analysis and engineering study, the installation of all-way stop sign control at the intersection of El Medio Avenue & Erskine Drive cannot be justified at this time. Although we cannot approve your request, we appreciate your interest in this transportation matter.


Rudy Guevara, P.E. Transportation Engineer Western District

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  1. Dee says:

    It would b interesting to find out when this study was conducted. During stay at home or school vacation periods? This seems like the exact type of intersection where an all way stop is required when this casual observer sees it in use during school terms and at hours when there is a lot of traffic.

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