About 300 People Stage Protest in Pacific Palisades

Demonstrators marched down Sunset Boulevard between El Medio and Temescal Canyon Road on Sunday shortly before noon.

About 300 local residents gathered at the El Medio bluffs at 11 a.m. to peacefully protest George Floyd’s killing with a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Marchers went down El Medio onto Sunset Boulevard, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Be the Change” and holding up signs.

Once they reached the Village Green, they held an eight minute 46 second moment of silence, which signified the time that Mr. Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer, kept his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

Demonstrators observed silence on the Village Green on Sunset.

Then demonstrators applauded and resumed chanting as they walked up Swarthmore through Caruso’s Palisades Village. The mostly young individuals, including Lily, 20, who had organized the protest, walked at a good clip as they turned down Monument Street, and then onto Sunset Boulevard, walking in the traffic lane back towards El Medio.

Most motorists were supportive, honking as they drove past.

Protestors walked up Swarthmore before turning on Monument and going back on Sunset Boulevard.

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  1. Elizabeth B Alford says:

    It was amazing. So many families. So many children who had made their own signs Plenty of seniors too. So much support from motorists. Best thing I’ve done in my 25 years of living and volunteering in the Palisades.

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