About $1,500 in Merchandise Taken from Kitson

This woman walked out of Kitson with a full-Erewhon shopping bag of items she did not purchase.

Kitson, on Sunset Boulevard, can be described as a fun shop, with go-to fashion and a lifestyle boutique dedicated to pop culture. It is renowned for its impressive celebrity clientele that includes Paris Hilton, Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie and Janet Jackson.

Around 11 a.m. on March 12, a woman walked into the store carrying an empty Erewhon shopping bag. She chatted with the clerk and gave the clerk her telephone number so she could be contacted when a specific size of a Free People piece of merchandise came in.

Several other customers came into the store and the clerk went to help them. Via the surveillance camera, it appears the woman took several pieces of Free People merchandize, that ranges in price from $140 to $400. The woman put the hoodies and sweat pants in the bag and walked out the door with a packed Erewhon shopping bag – “like Santa,” the clerk said.

The store camera captured the woman, (there are several cameras in the store), and a police report was filed online and again this morning.

The clerk has learned the woman in question has been charged with disorderly conduct for assault, DUI, obstructs/resist public officer, reckless driving, theft, trespassing and a failure to appear in court.

The store is sharing the picture to alert other businesses, and also to help raise awareness about the rising crime in town. If you see this person, alert Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin (310) 444-0737 or email 37430@lapd.online.

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5 Responses to About $1,500 in Merchandise Taken from Kitson

  1. Betsy Handler says:

    There is not a “rising crime rate in town” as you state.

    PACIFIC PALISADES, CA – The crime rate in Pacific Palisades last year was among the lowest across all Los Angeles city neighborhoods, according to a report from USA Today.

    The Palisades last year saw 27 crimes per 1,000 people. The city’s lowest crime rates were in Mount Washington (21 per 1,000), Beverlywood (22 per 1,000) and Porter Ranch (23 per 1,000).

    The newspaper analyzed Los Angeles Police Department data gathered by the nonprofit Crosstown, which is based at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, according to the report.

    Stop spreading fear about crime in the Palisades. If people hear it enough, they begin to believe it even though it is not true.

  2. Steve D. says:

    Betsy, pay attention. The quote you site states “The crime rate in Pacific Palisades last year was among the lowest across all Los Angeles city neighborhoods, according to a report from USA Today.” Just because it’s the lowest, or among the lowest, doesn’t mean it’s not “rising.” And why should we just accept any crime? Any crime is too much.

  3. ANNINE MADOK says:

    WADR to one of the posters, the USA Today report is misleading. The report based its data, as all reports must, on reported crimes. As many of the articles this week point out, many many crimes, especially in neighborhoods where people are “protected” (see WSJ article in 2016 by Peggy Noonan) go unreported. Indeed, I attempted to report a crime (car break in) a few years ago and was told by an LAPD representative “that’s what insurance is for.” Recent events show a crime “spree” occurring here in PP (including assault) show that 77% of the actual assaults went unreported. Many factors – fear, intimidation, laziness, affluence, business concerns call the statistics referenced into question.

  4. ANNINE MADOK says:

    If this is the report cited by the original poster you will see it not only is limited in its sources as I mentioned, it none the less shows a 23% increase in property crimes.


  5. seth says:

    property crimes are up, violent crimes on people are down….however with the minors mob that could change fast if people reported these vicious assaults.

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