A New Way to Celebrate a Birthday: A Flock of Flamingos 

A flock of flamingos can be placed on a lawn for a birthday celebration.

People who have had birthdays during the coronavirus shutdown have had to settle for celebration “parties” at home, isolated from most family members and one’s friends (though Zoom visits help).

For those living alone, unless you went to Gelson’s or Ralphs and purchased a cake to eat by yourself, it was an isolated affair.

Now, starting on Wednesday, April 15, realtor Anthony Marguleas, the founder/owner of Amalfi Estates, is sponsoring a free fun event to help cheer not only the birthday boy or girl, man or woman, but also bring smiles to neighbors.

The Pacific Palisades resident told Circling the News in an April 13 email, “I am ‘flocking’ lawns for kids and grown kids who are home alone due to the ‘stay at home’ orders.

“I have a pretty full ‘flock’ looking to make you and your kids smile,” Marguleas said. “We will put out the flock the night before their birthday on your front lawn and we will pick them up the next evening – all while using the appropriate safety precautions.”

By we, Marguleas said he has pressed his wife Sue and four off-spring into service: Max, who graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and now works at Amalfi; Sam, a junior finance major at Georgetown; and twins Jack and Anna, who are freshmen at Boulder and Georgetown, respectively.

For younger kids, Marguleas said he will even leave a bubble machine for parents to use to help provide a true party atmosphere.

Annually since 2013, Marguleas has donated $5,000 to help with the maintenance of the Village Green, a private triangular park in the heart of the town’s business district. The VG Committee relies entirely on donations from residents, businesses and organizations for upkeep and insurance.

You can call/text Marguleas at (310) 293-9280 or email anthony@amalfiestates.com.

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5 Responses to A New Way to Celebrate a Birthday: A Flock of Flamingos 

  1. Sally Iorillo says:

    Oh ! How absolutely wonderful !

  2. M says:


  3. Sally, Thanks. We are having fun doing it and tonight was our 1st night. We did 2 homes. If anyone has any birthdays coming up we would love to spread some good will.

  4. Anthony Marguleas says:

    Thank you

  5. Judi Stein says:

    No requests here, just an acknowledgement of this wonderful idea and your willingness to contribute to the well being of others in this trying time. THANKS!

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