A Happy Ending for Sunset Boulevard

DWP repaired the water pipe break.

There was a water pipe break on the eastbound side of Sunset Boulevard in the late afternoon on December 14. Water was gushing down Sunset and then spilling onto La Cruz pooling at the low spot in the street at Alma Real, below the car wash.

A traffic official on that site, put up cones and then directed traffic, but at 4 p.m., was unsure when DWP workers would arrive. About two hours later, DWP did arrive and stopped the flow of the water.

Both lanes of east-bound traffic were reopened. But then the asphalt seemed to “take a  dip” and the cones went back up.

One reader wrote to DWP, the Councilmember’s office and CTN that “About four weeks ago, near 15200 Sunset Boulevard, there was a water leak in the street, the leak was repaired and the asphalt repair work which was done has never been completed properly.

“I think there may have been a second leak, but right now, there are five yellow traffic cones plus yellow traffic horses that have blocked the eastbound traffic lane and the back up in the village is simply overwhelming, especially with schools reopening.”

Spokesperson for DWP Deborah Hong responded to the resident in January 10 email, “I talked to the supervisor, and we are scheduling a site visit for the paving on Monday. After a leak, we do a temporary paving job while we coordinate with others, so the permanent paving always takes a little bit of time.

“The supervisor will put in for a rush paving to move things along,” Hong said. “We have a crew going out today to check on the cones and we will pick up any unnecessary equipment.”

Another resident wrote CTN on January 11 that “the cones and signs that had been blocking the right car lane on Sunset where the repair work was done were moved to the sidewalk out of the way.  I am pretty sure it was just someone tired of the traffic obstruction. And about time!”

A thanks goes to the first resident for alerting DWP, and to DWP to responding. The second resident was right that people were tired of traffic going to one lane on a busy thoroughfare, but citizens did respect the cautionary cones.

This is temporary paving, a site visit to schedule something more permanent is slated for Monday.

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